Who says Raw Milk is unsafe for you?

Who says Raw Milk is unsafe for you?

Beatrice brand Chocolate Partly Skimmed Milk 1% M.F. recalled due to presence of sanitizer.

In Canada, selling raw milk is a criminal offence. They kinda care about our safety by give us a very choice of pasteurized milk only.

  • Starting date:March 11, 2016
  • Subcategory: Chemical
  • Hazard classification: Class 3
  • Recalling firm: Parmalat Canada Inc.
  • Source of recall: Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The affected stock includes 200- and 473-ml and 1-litre cartons of Chocolate Partly Skimmed Milk 1%. The stock was distributed in Ontario and Quebec.

Milk must be pasteurized in order to be sold in Canada. Pasteurization is a process that uses heat to kill harmful bacteria while retaining the nutritional properties of milk. Pasteurization ensures the milk we drink is safe.

They forgot to mention a sanitizer that make a pasteurized milk good for you.

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